Photography Storeage Solutions

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This just in from a current student:

Hi Greg,

I just got off the phone with the Business Team from my Apple Store in WI and they gave me a couple of options for solutions to your problem. First one being to look to IBM servers. They always play Mac + PC friendly and have some options for expandability. It was suggested that you look at the IBM x3850 and x3950 X5 systems. It allows 4TB of storage per chassis even on the least expensive model. Problem that you would encounter with this is that the least expensive starts at $15,000 and the small fact that it looks like SkyNet from Terminator. So it is a big closet sized system and will use a lot of power. Second option involves Apple. Apple has put their XServe systems on EOL (end of life) however their Promise RAID solutions are still being made, sold, and serviced. This option has the expandability of up to 16TB per 3U rack and is warrantied by Apple and can run the Mac OS X software. So same interface as your laptop. These come in a multitude of flavors with options to expand. The Promise VTrack E-Class 4x starts at $7,499. This includes 4 1TB drives. It is a 3U rack so you can expand this system over the years to 16TB total. Or 8 1TB drives mirrored. Each 1TB drive is $399. I asked about media servers and I was told that you run in to problems quickly with those. Expandability is limited to each brand, HP, WD, etc. Even your Playstation 3 if you want. However depending on their interface or software being able to find a TIFF, for example, and edit in Photoshop and render it may not be an option for some media servers as they are specific to their functions. For example HP makes a media server that just accesses movies to your TV. Hope this helps. Here are the websites that I found this info on. See you in class.
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2 Responses to “Photography Storeage Solutions”

  • Chris says:

    Wow, that’s thorough.

    What a suck-up!

    Well, like I said, whatever solution you go with you should also include an automatic online backup. Even if you skip the initial several-hundred-gigabyte upload of old files and just make it start backing up new data from the day you sign up. Just to have that peace of mind.
    And it’s not terribly expensive, either. Try, they probably have a promo or trial or something.




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