#1 in a google search= 34% more business than being #2!!!

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As photographers moan about the decline of business, one sure way for photographers in some markets to stay busy and keep clients e mailing and calling is to be 1st in a Google search. Search, “Key West, Wedding Photographer” or Commercial Photographer, Jacksonville, FL,” and whomever comes up first is going to be a heck of a lot busier than the photographer at the bottom of the page.

In a recent NY Times article, “The Dirty Little Secrets of Search,” informs readers that J.C. Penney saw a huge surge in online sales last holiday season by being first in many, many retail sales category Google searches (how they gamed the system and got there is also a part of the article.) According to the article:

Search experts, however, say Penney likely reaped substantial rewards from the paid links. How valuable was that? A study last May by Daniel Ruby of Chitika, an online advertising network of 100,000 sites, found that, on average, 34 percent of Google’s traffic went to the No. 1 result, about twice the percentage that went to No. 2.

Wow! That’s quite an uptick in business. From a marketing standpoint, can you imagine if 34% of Art Buyers looked at your websites when you sent them a promo! That would be AMAZING!

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